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What is Thought Field Therapy?

TFT is a revolutionary new psychotherapy, natural drug-free, non-invasive painlessly system to help eliminate the root cause of negative upsetting emotions, because it directly addresses the “root cause”


It works on the body's own energy field and, using a precise and defined sequence of gentle tapping on specific Energy Meridian Points according to ancient body maps used in acupuncture.


Over 30 years ago, before his discovery of TFT, Dr. Callahan was one of the pioneers of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which he used in his practice.

The founder and developer of the Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy , Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist. A graduate of the University of Michigan , he received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Syracuse University.


Dr. Callahan had been treating a woman called Mary Ford for eighteen months using every cognitive and behavioural method known to try to help her extreme phobia of water.

He had been learning about the energy meridians in the body, which were first discovered in China about 6000 years ago, he noticed that Mary was suffering very real fear. Knowing that the stomach meridian started under the eye, he told her to tap just under her eye.

He wasn't expecting much, but to his amazement, she immediately said that the fear and sick feeling in her stomach had completely gone! She then volunteered that she believed her fear of water had also gone! Not believing her, he suggested she went out to his swimming pool to test this idea. All her past reticence at this idea had completely gone and she positively ran to the very deep end of the pool, bent down and splashed water on her face, ecstatic at her total lack of any fear!

At that precise moment Roger Callahan had absolutely no idea this had taken place, but knew that his life's work would now be to discover how to harness this amazing process.

Fifteen years of research using TFT causal diagnosis and working with thousands of people has resulted in our present Thought Field Therapy.


He discovered that while the client is thinking about their problem, (that is the particular thought field containing the perturbation information is attuned), if precise energy meridian points are stimulated in a precise order, the perturbation is immediately subsumed and can no longer deliver its information to the brain and so no further upset can be experienced.

This is not dissimilar to the action of a combination lock - it's necessary to enter the correct numbers in the right order.

This treatment often leaves the client feeling incredulous and endeavouring to bring back the emotional upset that had been present for so long!

How exactly does TFT work?

Thought Field Therapy works by having the client tune in the upsetting thought, to simply think about the problem. Attached to that thought is what we call a ‘Perturbation'; the perturbation is the cause of negative disquietude (state of uneasiness, anxiety) that triggers the negative upsetting emotion. You can think of the perturbation as a switch.

While thinking of the problem, we then ask the client to tap on specific points on the Autonomic Nervous System that carries messages around the body. The tapping has to be in a specific sequence, and this is the clever part. By tapping on the Autonomic Nervous System we deactivate the perturbation. In other words we ‘switch off' the negative response, so after treatment a person can have exactly the same thought but will no longer become upset. The negative response is simply ‘switched off'.

After treatment a person often remarks that they “can't think about the problem in the same way now”

What they really mean is that now, after treatment, when they think of the problem they can no longer get upset, no matter how hard they try. The negative response has been ‘switched off' and is no longer there!

Frequently asked Questions

Is TFT suitable for children?

YES – they are particularly responsive to, and also enjoy, the treatment. Its simplicity and safety make it especially suitable for nervous children whose anxiety makes conventional treatment difficult. There is also no age barrier - all that is needed is that the child can understand and obey simple instructions.

Does the effect endure?

YES – the therapeutic effect is predictable and immediate with the majority of simple problems being resolved over one to three sessions. Continuing self-help treatment is always given, and recommended, to maintain progress.

Is TFT painful to apply?

Thought Field Therapy is completely pain-free. There are no drugs, needles or any other instruments involved.

Will I have to talk about of confront my problem?

In conventional psychotherapeutic approaches it is known that such a thing can be the cause of considerable distress. With TFT there is no need whatsoever to talk at length about your problem over many hours of consultation.

Thought Field Therapy is a remarkable technique that is completely safe, non-invasive, natural, painless and drug-free

How long will the benefits last?

A lifetime in many cases.

Mary's Hydrophobia

Mary was the first patient of Dr. Callahan's to be treated with TFT in its earliest form. She suffered from an intense fear of water, so intense that even after 18 months of conventional therapy with Dr. Callahan she would only grudgingly approach the edge of a swimming pool - but not look at the water. Her treatment included rational-emotive psychotherapy, client-centred therapy, cognitive and behavioural therapy, systematic desensitisation, biofeedback and relaxation training, none of which conquered her fear.

Despite the intensive efforts made, Mary still suffered from nightmares about "water getting her", she could not leave her house if it was raining, and could only tolerate a few centimetres of water with which to bathe. A 30 year old, Mary had suffered from this phobia for as long as her parents could remember, with no known trauma being identified as the cause.

At the time Dr. Callahan was learning Applied Kinesiology and, applying its diagnostic procedures to Mary, discovered that her stomach energy meridian was somehow affected. This meridian, according to ancient body maps used in acupuncture, begins below the eye, rises over the head and travels down the body to where it ends on the second toe. Dr. Callahan, expecting nothing and desperate to try anything to help his patient, told Mary to think about her fear while he tapped under her eye.

Suddenly, Mary said, "It's gone! My fear of water, it's gone! I don't have those awful feelings in my stomach any more!"

Totally unprepared for what happened next, Dr. Callahan suggested to Mary that they try approaching the shallow end of a swimming pool near the office. Without hesitation, Mary did just that, hurrying to the side of the pool and splashing her face with the water. Fearing the consequences, Dr. Callahan then watched Mary rush to the deep end of the pool. Shouting "Mary, be careful!" he was rapidly reassured by Mary who said "Don't worry, I know I can't swim!" It was clear that the treatment, whatever it had done, did not cause sudden stupidity!


Twenty years later, Mary remains completely free of her phobia.

In the later stages of her conventional treatment, getting Mary to sit by the side of the pool was certainly a behavioural improvement! However, she was still not free of her feelings of fear and she remained miserable. All Mary needed was to have just one energy meridian point under her eye tapped with the fingers. Later, Dr. Callahan discovered that most people need more of these meridian points treated.

His curiosity stimulated he went on to refine his discovery, revealing the coded nature of the body's emotional control and healing systems and the role-played by environmental toxins in the recurrence of symptoms.

Dr. Callahan's subsequent invention of TFT Diagnosis and Voice Technology is now pushing that incredible figure ever nearer to the ultimate success rate.


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