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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural altered state of consciousness, we experience every day.

Hypnosis is similar to natural states that occur daily, when you are engrossed in a good book, magazine or film.

When you take a journey and you find yourself focusing or thinking on something else, all of a sudden you are at your destination and you can only remember part of the journey.

Hypnosis in this altered state of consciousness you can feel good, confident , positive, optimistic and achieve your goal.

What does Hypnosis feel like

When you go to bed at night before you go to sleep.

You close you eyes.

Sometimes thoughts of the days or thoughts of tomorrow drift through you mind.

And then you start to, drift or float just before you go to sleep.

You know that feeling, not quite awake and not quite asleep.

Still aware of everything around you.

Just relaxed and drifting or floating.

Will I be in Control within Hypnosis?

This concern is often voiced by those who have watched hypnosis stage shows and wondered understandably if they could be made to behave unnaturally.

You and the hypnotherapist work to promote positive enhancements and you will only accept suggestions that your unconscious mind deems beneficial.

You will not accept any suggestions that do not fit into your known, ethically and moral framework.

You have 5 senses sight, hearing, touch, taste & smell.

In hypnosis you have 4 senses, You Will Close Your Eyes.

So in trance you will be able to Hear, Feel, Smell and Taste

What are the side affects of Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is completely natural, the only side affects are the pleasant by-products of

improved well-being; these normally include:

You feel relaxed, can help you to feel good, feel confident, with a positive outlook and even sleep better.

Will I remember all that happens within a Hypnosis session?

Do you remember what you had for dinner 5 weeks and 3 days ago?

††††††††††† You donít remember because it is not important to you.

Do you remember the birthday of someone close to you (mother, partner, children etc)

††††††††††† You do remember because it is important to you.

Within hypnosis you will remember all that happens that is important to you.

Can everybody be hypnotised?

Because it is a natural part of your daily life, that you experience every day.

You experience a natural altered state of consciousness every day.

You cannot be hypnotised unless, You Want to be Hypnotised.

You cannot be hypnotised unless the hypnotherapist has your full co-operation.


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