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What is Hypno Birth?

Hypno Birth is the term that is commonly used to describe hypnotherapy and self hypnosis specific to pregnancy, labour and birth.

How does hypnosis aid natural child birth?

Hypnosis is increasingly being used to help women give birth with the minimum of pain, medical interventions and pain medication.
Studies have shown significant improvement for women who learn self hypnosis before giving birth.

Natural child birth

A natural child birth can take place when the mind, and body is relaxed, and comfortable as possible. Anxiety gets in the way of natural child birth processes.
The more time spent in a relaxed state, benefits both Mother and baby.

The more mother regularly rehearses being relaxed during child birth, greatly increasing the chances of being actually more relaxed during the birth. This allows good blood flow to the uterus, reducing pain from cramping.
The relaxed state stimulates her body to release endorphins, nature’s painkillers.
Mothers who learn how to activate the calming side of their nervous system have the best chance of a safer, more relaxed, shorter, and enjoyable natural child birth with less pain.

Anxiety affects the uterus and increases pain

If we are faced with a real threat then fear is a perfect response but if this system is activated by anxiety during child birth it causes the uterus, which is engorged with oxygenated blood, to suffer cramp due to lack of the essential nutrients and oxygen as the blood gets drawn away.

This system is interfered with by high levels of emotion such as anxiety.

With deep relaxation through self hypnosis we allow this automatic part to work for us.

Self hypnosis produces a calm and happy state which when accessed during child birth helps the birth process to progress naturally. A relaxed mind tells the body and baby all is well, enabling just the right balance of hormones to be produced and so optimising the effectiveness of the contractions that dilate the cervix and allow the baby to be born.

What is self hypnosis?

Self hypnosis is a form a self (or partner) induced hypnosis that helps women to focus their minds in such a way that they can access a state of physical and mental relaxation.


Women who seek hypnotherapy and self hypnosis do so for a variety of reasons. Women often read about the positive effects of using hypnosis and decide to use it as an extra part of their preparation. Some women have anxiety and fear about labour, birth or life with baby. Hypnotherapy can usually offer relief from anxiety and helps to put fear into perspective.

Practising self hypnosis helps to maintain a state of relaxation and calm.

If women have had a previous negative experience of labour and birth hypnotherapy helps to release past feelings and rebuild trust in the birth process.

Practising self hypnosis helps women to feel more confidant and in control.

What are the advantages of learning self hypnosis?

Most women learn self hypnosis quickly and easily. They can start to practice and enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation after their very first lesson. Self hypnosis requires no equipment and can be practised anytime and anywhere. Like riding a bicycle, it gets easier with practice.

The advantages of using self hypnosis during pregnancy?

Women and birth partners who experience hypnosis find that they become more relaxed and calm. They often feel more rested and sleep better. Practising self hypnosis helps women prepare their bodies and mind for birth. Birth partners feel more confident, learning how they can help their partner relax during labour.

The advantages for the baby?

Hypnosis helps reduce stress, which can contribute to breech presentation and premature birth. When pregnant women experience deep relaxation their muscles relax and release tension, creating more space in the womb. This extra space assists optimal baby positioning. Research has documented the success of hypnosis in the treatment of breech presentations and preventing premature birth. Relaxation reduces the presence of stress hormones, which can effect mother and baby. Researchers have found that oxygenation to the baby, essential for healthy development, is also increased during hypnosis. Women who use this approach often report that their baby seems relaxed and calm.

The advantages of using self hypnosis for labour and birth?

Practising self hypnosis lets women experience a state similar to the inward state they will experience during labour. Research indicates that hypnosis has been shown to speed labour by as much as 50%. Research also documents hypnosis’ ability to control pain. In the hypnotic state women learn to access a state of deep relaxation that enhances the body’s natural pain relief. It is a method of pain relief that women initiate themselves or with their birth partner’s assistance and it is entirely free from danger. Women’s personal experiences indicate that they usually feel more comfortable, calm and in control.

If I use self hypnosis can I use other forms of pain relief?

Yes. You can use self hypnosis on its own or with other forms of pain relief.

Will it help after the baby’s birth?

After the baby’s birth use self hypnosis for rest and relaxation. When sleep is interrupted its good to have a way to tap into feeling rested and refreshed. The calm relaxed state that hypnosis produces helps milk flow and aids breastfeeding. Continue to use self hypnosis to feel calm and in control, anytime, anywhere.

What do women and birth partners learn in HypnoBirth classes?

Women and birth partners learn breathing, child birth education, pain control, relaxation, and self hypnosis and visualisation techniques. Depending on the individual teacher, Hypno birth may also include Active Birth, Birthing from Within, or other specific approaches.


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