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Who were you in your past life? Were you a soldier, a scientist, a nurse, a king?

A hypnotic past life regression can give answers to many questions relating to reincarnation.

Hypnotherapy has already helped thousands using Past Life Regression therapy.

Hypnotherapy | Hypnosis has been recognised as an effective way to Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression therapy

It has never been proven whether we have lived a past life, however many people believe that their current problems have a root back in the past.

Hypnotherapists have found it very helpful to use Past Life Regression therapy to trace problems to their origins in the past and release the emotion attached to the earlier events.

One of the surprising developments having to do with Past Life Regression therapy is the consistency between the reports of one subject as compared with the reports of others.

Symptoms and problems that respond to suggestion can be quite different from those that respond to Past Life Regression therapy. Allergies to foods, animals, relationship problems with relatives or associates, digestive, respiratory, circulatory conditions and various fears and phobias can respond to Past Life Regression therapy hypnotherapy when more conventional treatment had been ineffective.



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