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Do you want to feel good about Relaxation?

Do you want to feel the benefits of stress release?


Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation techniques that have been shown to help release stress, tension and anxiety.

Experience a sense of peace and calm with feelings of general well being mentally, emotionally and physically.

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Some times called self induced relaxation, with all the benefits of hypnosis, where you are in control, awake, aware of everything around you, with the wonderful feelings of deep relaxation that has been compared to meditation.


You simply find yourself a place where you have a reasonable chance of being undisturbed for ten minutes or more, you can sit (even at your desk), then using your chosen technique you close your eyes and deeply relax , releasing any tension etc, when practiced while lying down can lead to sleep, so good for some sleep problems.


When practiced regularly (several times a week or more) has been shown to help release and prevent stress, tension and anxiety caused by work and modern day living, and helps reduce the risk of some heart problems.


In this altered state of consciousness you can feel good, confident, positive, optimistic etc and when you open your eyes these feelings can remain.


Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy Can help with Stop Smoking | Weight Loss | Fear & Phobias | Stress

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