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Keith Haynes D.Hyp, BSCH(Assoc), NLP, TFT

Keith Haynes Hypnotherapist



A Licensed, Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist studied with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, Imperial College, Kensington, London.

An associate member of the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis and bound by the BSCH Code of conduct.

Keith is a Licensed, Qualified NLP Master Practitioner, studied with the creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna

A member of The Society of NLP.

Keith is a licensed, qualified TFT practitioner studied with TFT Consultants (UK) approved by The Callahan Techniques Ltd.


Director of ADAK Therapies.


Specialising:- Stop smoking, weight control, phobias, stress & anxiety release, self-relaxation and regression.


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